2019 - Exchanges

We believe in second chances.

Maximize the number of second chances for your best customers. Make it simple for them to try something new.

Convert refund into exchanges with a seamless experience.

Loop allows your customers to select a new product in just three clicks. Each item is connected to inventory, ensuring that customers only choose from what is in stock. 


Reduction in time managing returns


Shorter return cycle


Returns processed to date

Exchange beyond the variant.

Advanced Exchanges lets your customer shop seamlessly across product types. Leverage Shopify collections to build a smarter exchange flow, without being limited by number of variants.

Shop instantly with credit.

Shop Now lets your customers exchange for different priced items right inside your portal. Customers shop the full product catalog to make an exchange, and only pay the difference in price at check-out. 

The future of commerce

is connection.

Be mission-driven.

Show, don’t tell.

Measure relationships, not transactions.

Invest in connection.