We want to do something good for ecommerce.

President Obama said, “Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are your compasses toward growth.” And while I absolutely agree with him, that doesn’t make this time easier. 

Do something good for ecommerce

The cognitive dissonance I feel is staggering. While it’s certainly not business as usual...on one hand, I get to wake up and work every day and am energized by the dynamic environment in which we get to fight to make a difference for our brands. And on the other hand, I am aware of the millions around the world who face insurmountable challenges.

The opportunity to leverage the talents and ideas of my team to help our merchants is a privilege. And with that privilege, I have a responsibility to make a positive impact.

That’s why, today, we’re releasing Loop Lite. And we’re giving it away for free.

I’m not certain it’s good for business. It might be. It might not. But there are always a million reasons not to do something.

It’s not my idea. It’s my team’s idea. And in a time like this, when my team wants to go above and beyond for our merchants, put in extra hours and extra time and extra effort for our community...I want to get behind the team and run through a wall for them!

Whether it’s good for Loop or not, I am confident that it’s good for certain brands who really need the help right now; who are evaluating every expense, and need to cut costs; who need to pay less for their returns platform; who need to HAVE a returns platform, but can’t really consider an additional cost and a contract right now. Brands who, genuinely, need a partner. 

In addition to shipping Loop Lite, shipping Destinations (a feature that Brooklinen uses to route used sheets to donation centers), and working tirelessly on a bunch of other things, our team’s also been hard at work over the last few weeks building great partnerships with FedEx and Pitney Bowes to offer best in class shipping rates on returns and exchanges for all of our merchants.

Everything we’re doing, everything we have done, and everything we will do is to build community through our brands and their customers to make a better world. And to prove that we can build one helluva business while doing it. This is just another opportunity to actualize our mission.

We’re gonna offer this and help merchants get onboard. And I’m sure we’re gonna make mistakes. But we’re going to have faith and just do it.

How to get Loop Lite

In a time where we’re isolated (and a time where we didn’t have the bandwidth to automate the onboarding process), we’re handing all onboarding one on one. With humans on our team via Zoom. 

We’ll onboard as many brands as we can, as quickly and effectively as we can. To help us do that, we have created an access form to discover more about your current setup and whether Loop Lite is a good fit.

To get Loop Lite, request access here 👇


If you're a Loop customer, and there's anything at all that I/we can do for you, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can DM me on twitter @pomajp email me at poma@loopreturns.com or call/text me at 201.614.7662.

 Be well, stay safe, stay home, and be kind