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Retain customers and revenue with the most advanced returns and exchanges app on Shopify.

Smooth for your customer, totally hands free for you.

Let customers submit their own request and immediately receive a shipping label. With custom policy settings you control the experience.

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Capture new exchange revenue with Shop Now.

Keep customers engaged with different-priced exchanges. Resolve new purchases inside the app to capture revenue and retain sales.

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Automate your returns workflow without risk.

Use your dashboard to manage customer activity and approve returns automatically based on shipment tracking events.

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Plus everything else

Shopify Plus

The app built with Shopify merchants, for Shopify merchants.

Trusted by commerce's most innovative brands

Chubbies Allbirds Buzzfeed Cotopaxi Qalo
  • 88% Reduction in time managing returns

  • 75% Shorter return cycle

  • 500k+ Returns processed to date

The experience with Loop is night & day relative to the manual returns process. Easily the best investment we've ever made to drive loyalty.

This is the new baseline as far as we're concerned.

Kyle Hency Kyle Hency
Co-founder, Chubbies

Shortly after integrating Loop, we noticed significant time savings on our end and a massive improvement in our customers' overall experience. We've loved working with the Loop team.

Sarah Cox Sarah Cox
CX Manager, Nisolo

By leveraging the return reason data provided by Loop, we've been able to improve our products based on direct customer feedback. We're able to show our customers that their experiences with our products matter to us, building loyalty.

Ahna Tillmanns Ahna Tillmanns
Operations Manager, Monday Swimwear