The future of commerce is connection.

Love after purchase.

The future of commerce is connection.

Enduring brands build relationships.

Loop is here to help you strengthen them.

Automate your returns workflow without risk.

Expand second chance opportunities, building trust, and increasing customer lifetime value.

Make smarter decisions.

Leverage post-purchase insights to make better buying and merchandising decisions.

Shift refunds to exchanges.

Retain revenue by simplifying the path to finding the product that’s right.

Save time and money.

Shorter return cycles for your customer, and full automation for your team.

The experience with Loop is night & day relative to the manual returns process. Easily the best investment we've ever made to drive loyalty.

Kyle Hency, Co-founder

The future of commerce

is connection.

Be mission-driven.

Show, don’t tell.

Measure relationships, not transactions.

Invest in connection.