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Online gift exchanges

How to offer online gift exchanges that your customers will love.

less refunds and more exchanges

4 strategies to turn refunds into exchanges.

holiday return window hero

How to approach your holiday return window.

bundled products hero

The value of a product bundle & how to handle bundle returns.

return waste hero image

The environmental impact of the wrong return policy.

fashion-accessory returns hero

Return policy strategies for fashion accessory brands.

Prevent holiday refunds

How to reduce holiday refunds this return season.

support teams time back

How to use the time you save by automating returns.


Introducing the Loop & Gorgias integration.


The most common return reasons and how to prevent them.

Loop + Baseballism hero image

How Baseballism turns refunds into up-sells with Loop.

on-demand return portal hero

On-demand return portals are the best customer experience.


How to write a return policy: The 5 questions you need to answer.

mens apparel return policy

Return policy strategies for men's apparel brands.


What makes a great unboxing experience?

4 types of returns

The 4 types of returns and how they impact LTV.

Post covid-19 ecommerce

How to use technology & insight to prepare for ecommerce after COVID-19.

30 day return window hero

The fallacy of the 30-day return window.


Why I joined Loop: The future of commerce

How to communicate sizing online

How to communicate sizing online to reduce returns.


12 ways to plan for the future of online retail.

return-fraud (1)

The easy way to handle return fraud.

Women's apparel return policy

Return policy strategies for women's apparel brands.

Donating returned items in ecommerce

How online brands can turn returns into a force for good.


9 ways to anticipate the future of customer experience.

How to build a return policy for bathing suit brands

Return policy strategies for intimates & bathing suit brands.

Return policies for footwear brands

Return policy strategies for footwear brands.


The future of commerce is now.

automated returns

6 signs that it's time for your brand to automate returns.

Examples of well structured returns pages

4 examples of well structured ecommerce return pages.

Love Your Melon Returns

How Loop helped Love Your Melon optimize returns.

return policy as a marketing asset

Your return policy is one of your best marketing assets.

return shipping can be like stepping over a dollar to save a dime

Should online brands offer free return shipping?

multiple shipping destinations

Reduce your return shipping costs with Destinations.

Shopify Plus certification

We are proud to be a Shopify Plus Certified App.

metrics beyond return rate hero

The return metrics you need to know beyond return rate.

how to collect refund reasons

Improving your customer experience with return reasons.

How to build a return policy customers love

How to build a return policy both you and your customers will love.